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Qigong Distant Healing Sessions

Qigong distant healing has a very long history of improving health physically, mentally, and emotionally. Until recently, the traditional method for this was for the healer to focus their healing intent toward the intended receiver using a picture of them. With the recent advent of video conferencing programs like Skype, this process has greatly evolved. 

I have been doing distance healing sessions with people all over the world using skype, facetime, google hangouts, and just using the phone (audio only) for over 8 years. I can state without hesitation that the healing sessions are just as effective in this manner. I’ve had many clients over the years utilize both the in-person healing sessions as well as the distance healing sessions and like them both. People receiving distance healing will feel very similar physical sensations of the energy as they do during the in-person sessions.

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Healing sessions are approximately 75 minutes long. The fee for a single session is $90. There is no time limit on using up the sessions and family members can share sessions purchased.

Cancellation Policy

24 hours notice to receive full refund or reschedule, sorry, no exceptions. 

I am delighted that living in another continent and a different time zone is not an impediment to work with Lisa. Not only has she a flawless command of qigong principles and communicates in a clear manner, but she has a knack for reading people and gets to the core issues with very little information from your part. In particular, I like the way she puts everything together for a healthy and satisfying lifestyle, by combining diet recommendations, mindfulness practices and qigong exercises. I highly recommend this solution for anyone not having direct access to the Qi Gong Institute of Rochester. All you need is an internet connection and a free Skype account.~Adrian Tineo, PhD,, Bern, Switzerland

"Thanks to the wonderful world of iPads, Skype and computers, my life has changed dramatically. I can get qigong instructions in my living room from Lisa in the USA. She shows me via Skype and I do the exercises at the same time. Thanks also to my DVD I can repeat the movements. Nothing is as great as having Lisa showing me the qigong in person over the Skype. I love to repeat the movements whenever I can do them, especially out of doors. Lisa also gives me qigong distant healing via Skype. I can just lie down and relax. It gives me a feeling of being renewed. I also feel more energetic as well as calmer and happier."~Barbro Larsson, Kungalv, Sweden

I have been doing Skype sessions with Lisa for over a year now, including receiving Qigong Distant Healing. These sessions have changed my life for the better. I always feel better afterwards, her energy is powerful and healing. Lisa helped me to become more healthy emotionally and physically, now I relate better how these two things work together and I have the "tools" to continue my healing with knowledge and understanding.~Thordis Filipsdottir, Reykjavik, Iceland 

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