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Qigong Distance Learning Consultations

~Where should you start?

~Confused by trying to learn on your own?

Qigong is a very powerful tool and can create lasting change in your health and wellness if you know how to utilize it properly. Qigong can be confusing because there are so many different styles and methods of training. A lot of time can be wasted if you don’t have a clear plan to reach your goals. Many people don’t have an experienced Qigong teacher in their area and need help getting started. If you have health problems, the best way to approach it is to create a personalized practice plan that specifically addresses your situation.

To create a personal practice plan, the first step is to analyze your body using the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), determine which organ systems are out of balance, then build an effective personal practice regimen around those needs so you can reach your personal goals.

Online Consultations with Lisa B. O’Shea can include any of the following based on the client’s/student’s interests and needs:

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine evaluation using the Five Elements Theory
  • Instruction in Qigong exercises specific for improving your personal health (physical, emotional, and psychological)
  • Personal nutritional plan based on Five Elements Theory
  • Instruction in meditations specific for your goals and needs
  • Instruction in mindfulness for developing your spirit/shen and improving stress
  • Instruction in Qi Self-Healing and Healing others
  • Instruction in stretching for pain relief
  • Receive Qi Healing sessions (includes clearing out blockages, emitting energy, balancing energy flow through organs, meridians, and specific acupuncture points)
  • Instruction in entire sets of Qigong exercises
  • Consultations can be via Zoom, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, phone, or correspondence.
  • The entire session, or portions of the session, can be recorded for your viewing later from your device.

Sessions are 60 minutes and the fee is $100. Please call or email Master Lisa to schedule the time to meet for your consultation.

Are you new to Zoom?

Zoom is a free internet video chat tool that you can use on your computer or hand-held device for free.

If you are more familiar with other video chat platforms, consultations can also be via Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, phone, or correspondence. Just let Master Lisa know your preference.

After the consultation, Master Lisa will send you an email that includes the directions for the techniques she has taught you, along with a link to view or download any recordings made, so that you will be able to practice them on your own.

Distance Consultation Reviews~

I am delighted that living in another continent and a different time zone is not an impediment to work with Lisa. Not only has she a flawless command of qigong principles and communicates in a clear manner, but she has a knack for reading people and gets to the core issues with very little information from your part. In particular, I like the way she puts everything together for a healthy and satisfying lifestyle, by combining diet recommendations, mindfulness practices and qigong exercises. I highly recommend this solution for anyone not having direct access to the Qi Gong Institute of Rochester. All you need is an internet connection and a free Skype account.
~Adrian Tineo, PhD, www.Qigongforliving.com, Bern, Switzerland

"Thanks to the wonderful world of iPads, Skype and computers, my life has changed dramatically. I can get qigong instructions in my living room from Lisa in the USA. She shows me via Skype and I do the exercises at the same time. Thanks also to my DVD I can repeat the movements. Nothing is as great as having Lisa showing me the qigong in person over the Skype. I love to repeat the movements whenever I can do them, especially out of doors. Lisa also gives me qigong healing via Skype. I can just lie down and relax. It gives me a feeling of being renewed. I also feel more energetic as well as calmer and happier."
~Barbro Larsson, Kungalv, Sweden

I have been doing Skype sessions with Lisa for over a year now, including receiving Qigong Healing. These sessions have changed my life for the better. I always feel better afterwards, her energy is powerful and healing. Lisa helped me to become more healthy emotionally and physically, now I relate better how these two things work together and I have the "tools" to continue my healing with knowledge and understanding.
~Thordis Filipsdottir, Reykjavik, Iceland

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Distance Learning Consultation

Confused by trying to learn on your own? Qigong is a very powerful tool and can create lasting change in your health and wellness if you know how to utilize it properly. A lot of time can be wasted if you don’t have a clear plan to reach your goals. Sessions are 75 minutes.

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