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Qigong Student Reviews | Professional Reviews

From my teacher, Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming (YMAA) | Professional Review

Ms. Lisa B. O'Shea is one of the very few highly qualified Qigong instructors which I have taught and experienced in my Qigong teaching career. I believe she will be a new pioneer in modern Qigong study and practice.

Qigong Distance Courses Video Reviews

Qigong Distance Courses Video Reviews


Qigong Distant Healing Video Reviews

Qigong Distant Healing and Distance Learning Review

Qigong Distant Healing and Distance Learning Review | Student Review

I am delighted that living in another continent and a different time zone is not an impediment to work with Lisa. Not only has she a flawless command of qigong principles and communicates in a clear manner, but she has a knack for reading people and gets to the core issues with very little information from your part. In particular, I like the way she puts everything together for a healthy and satisfying lifestyle, by combining diet recommendations, mindfulness practices and qigong exercises. I highly recommend this solution for anyone not having direct access to the Qi Gong Institute of Rochester. All you need is an internet connection and a free Skype account.
~Adrian Tineo, PhD, www.Qigongforliving.com, Bern, Switzerland

Thanks to the wonderful world of iPads, Skype and computers, my life has changed dramatically. I can get qigong instructions in my living room from Lisa in the USA. She shows me via Skype and I do the exercises at the same time. Thanks also to my DVD I can repeat the movements. Nothing is as great as having Lisa showing me the qigong in person over the Skype. I love to repeat the movements whenever I can do them, especially out of doors. Lisa also gives me qigong distant healing via Skype. I can just lie down and relax. It gives me a feeling of being renewed. I also feel more energetic as well as calmer and happier.
~Barbro Larsson, Kungalv, Sweden

I have been doing Qigong distant healing sessions with Lisa for over a year now. These sessions have changed my life for the better. I always feel better afterwards, her energy is powerful and healing. Lisa helped me to become more healthy emotionally and physically, now I relate better how these two things work together and I have the "tools" to continue my healing with knowledge and understanding. ~Thordis Filipsdottir, Reykjavik, Iceland

Qigong Distance Courses Google Reviews


Qigong Distance Course Reviews

Qigong Distance Course Reviews | Student Review

Lisa is an excellent teacher. Her supporting documents for her qigong distance courses and training are clear and easy to follow. She is extremely knowledgeable and is able to expand on any point raised by the students. I have studied with Lisa in person and taken her online courses. Both are excellent.
Lee Willman, Palm Coast, FL

The online webinars are an excellent opportunity to learn from Lisa directly. They are live and interactive. You can ask questions on the spot and also listen to other participants asking their questions. I particularly like that they are very focused on a topic, like insomnia, joint health, or qi healing. You get a brief intro about the theoretical foundation and then Lisa proceeds to teach the exercises. She can supervise you while you practice! She then goes on to complement the content with diet and lifestyle choices. The result is a fully comprehensive package. All the material is also available in a pdf. I wholeheartedly recommend the experience to anybody interested in addressing any of the topics covered. I am looking forward to the next series! ~Adrian Tineo, PhD, www.Qigongforliving.com, Bern, Switzerland

Qigong Healing Sessions Reviews

Qigong Healing Sessions | Client Review

Over the years I have acquired 2 ruptured disks which led to peripheral neuralgia in my legs and feet. I also acquired pinched nerves in my elbows and wrists. Using my computer keyboard was often excruciating. This was a serious issue for me as I am self-employed and use my computer all day long, 6-7 days aweek. I tried physical therapy. It was helpful to a point but some of the therapies exacerbated the neuralgia. After my first treatment from Lisa I was able to sleep without getting up every 2 hours, something that hadn't happened in months and months. My back felt better and I had more energy. Just being able to get some sleep made a huge difference. Every treatment made more and more of a difference in my life. ~Chris Burleigh, NCD, JaG, QGW - Rochester, NY

Qigong permanently eliminated my painful heal spurs. The pain decreased after one session with Lisa and completely disappeared after only three sessions. Lisa treated my bone spurs by using Qi energy to unclog blockages that were causing the pain. This healing occurs without the use of medications, surgery or uncomfortable orthotic footwear devices. I can now walk with ease and comfort and wear any kind of shoes including high heals without worry. The treatments were deeply relaxing and painless. In fact, qigong is a great way to unwind after a workday. Lisa also used her qigong expertise to teach me a couple of exercises that keep blockages from reoccurring in my feet. These exercises are easy to do and they only take about five minutes a day. It's been a real pleasure to work with Lisa O'Shea. She honestly cares about helping patients restore their health. She carefully interviews every patient and takes time listen to his or her concerns. Her sincerity and compassion will put even the most fearful patient at ease. Lisa O'Shea is a true healer.~Kate Ross - Rochester, NY

Lisa's work is phenomenal. I feel I literally float out of the office after a Qigong session. Any pain I arrived with has been banished and I feel I am somehow intimately in tune with the universal vibration, the life force, that animates all living beings in a way that daily life does not afford. My body catches what I have begun to call "the Qigong wave" and opens fully to what it intuitively understands as a healing force. The at-home exercises and meditations offered to me by Lisa seem to anchor and solidify the healing begun in the sessions. I cannot recommend this discipline, this teacher, this practitioner enough.~Hallie Sawyers, LMT, NCTMB - Rochester, NY

I had an almost complete rotator cuff tear from excessive typing and the pain was incredible. The only pain relief I got was through Lisa's help and eventually, she healed my shoulder so I did not have to have the surgery. She is a remarkably gifted practitioner who listens and heals with care and consideration.~Barbara Francis - Rochester, NY

Every interaction I have with Lisa - either through individual sessions or classes is a healing experience. The compassion, expertise, clarity, and love Lisa brings to her practice results in healing on all levels.
~Cherie - Rochester, NY

Weekly Classes Reviews

Weekly Classes | Student Review

Lisa is a kind and loving person, and an excellent instructor. She gives clear, step-by-step instructions and makes sure everyone's "got it"! I always felt more relaxed and energetic after class (Tai Chi). The DVD is extremely helpful when practicing at home.~Judy Moulton - Rochester, NY

Lisa O'Shea's Qigong and Tai Chi classes promote self-healing as you feel energy generated and moving through your body. The group energy in the classes gives a boost to the feeling during class. The environment at the Qi Gong Institute helps the self-healing process and makes you want to experience more.
~Carlos Simmons - Rochester, NY

Qigong involves movement and meditation and is a wonderful way to improve energy and harmonize mind, body, and spirit. I've been taking classes at the Qi Gong Institute of Rochester for six years. They are not classes where you are one of 40 people merely imitating the movements of the teacher. Lisa's classes are small, intimate and involve movement, meditation, learning theory and discussion. Lisa O'Shea is a wonderful teacher who is able to connect with people whether their motivation is "dip your toe in" curiosity to improve wellness, or whether they are interested in making Qigong an everyday practice.
~Steve Carroll - Rochester, NY

After going to the classes and maintaining my exercise schedule after class, I found that my legs had stopped twitching in the night, I was able to sleep and my back is significantly better than it's been in many, many years. It's a wonderful thing. I continued to take classes from Lisa and have begun learning more and more about Qigong healing. I have found that when I give someone else a Qigong treatment, I always feel better myself. I am amazed that I was able to find this resource in Rochester. I feel much better now than I did a year ago. I have more energy. I haven't tripped over my own feet in a long time and I can get some sleep. But mostly, I have found a way to help keep myself healthy and help others to do the same.~Chris Burleigh, NCD, JaG, QGW - Rochester, NY

Qigong Healers Seminars and Intensive Training Reviews

Qigong Healers Seminars and Intensive Training | Student Review

I spent two wonderful week-ends at the Qi Gong Institute of Rochester (Beginning and Advanced Qigong Healers Seminars). I've trained in Tai Chi, Qigong and Reiki for many years prior to attending these seminars. Training has brought me a Qi (energy) sense for myself. My teaching has brought and still brings me a Qi sense for others. So my journey in the world of studying, teaching, and developing Qi is rooted and still growing. These two week-ends allowed me to establish a medical basis for what I was already encountering in my own teaching. These seminars are well thought out and taught. Very organized, Lisa O'Shea guides us wisely into this Traditional form of Chinese Medicine. If you want to become master of your being, I strongly recommend embarking in a Qi journey with Lisa O'Shea.
~Parize - East Amherst, NY

Taking the Beginning Qigong Healers summer seminar changed the way I thought of my body and my health. The class helped me see things in terms of body "systems" and how it relates to emotions. I use the very clearly explained and detailed handouts frequently to check on specific symptoms. For example, if I have a rash and I'm also feeling irritable, I know that's the liver system, so I would use one of the options taught (tai chi movements, sound meditations) to relieve the energy block in the liver system. Learning how to "scan and comb" the energy field was also a very useful tool. I use them to clear blockages and have even used it to resolve an eye infection on my cat!
~Judy Moulton - Rochester, NY

Lisa O'Shea explains Qigong and makes it simple and practical. She teaches the purpose of each movement . Thanks to Lisa I have a clear understanding of this ancient art with out the mystery. The health benefits are numerous.
~Stefan - Chicopee, MA

I'm going to write an autobiography one of these days. I'll write of my introduction into Qigong in 1978. I'll write of my one step forward , one step back movement through my life due to Manic-Depression or Bipolar Disorder. (Manic-Depression is more descriptive. It even has the yin/yang going for it.) I'll write of my attending Lisa's seminars in 2003 and 2004, the Qi Healing seminars. I'll call that chapter "Two Steps Forward!". What did Lisa claim with those titles of hers, "Beginning Qigong Healers and "Advanced Qigong Healers"? I've heard of healers before and the thought of becoming one was enticing. After doing the first seminar in 2003 and coming away with less pain in my back convinced me I was on to something. I'm more convinced than ever here in November of 2005.
~John - Starlight, IN

Lisa is a wonderful, enthusiastic, positive teacher. Chinese Medicine and Qigong is a profound way of looking at health and helping yourself to be in optimum health. Lisa makes Chinese Medicine simple, almost natural to understand. She breaks down the concepts in a manner easily accessible to the western mind. She brings extensive personal experience to the class combining the practical with the theory. I would highly recommend Lisa's seminars to anyone interested in improving their health or that of others.~Kate Stanford - Rochester, NY

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