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Qigong has been helping people to heal themselves for over 5,000 years. Regular practice is essential for lasting results. With this ourse download you will be able to practice many styles with ease. Front and side views of each exercise are shown. Just follow along and soon you'll see the results!

All on this Streaming Video:

  • Rising Lotus Medical Qigong~ Gentle flowing spinal movements with powerful visualizations for moving energy in the body. This form was created by Lisa B. O'Shea
  • Six Healing Sounds~ Done seated, this form dates from the 7th century BC and clears the six organ systems in the body
  • Fragrance Qigong~ Done seated, this form is a simple yet healing series of arm movements for healing the entire body
  • Four Seasons Qigong~ A thousand year old set of exercises for adjusting the body's energy with the seasons. Great for pain relief.
  • Eight Pieces of Brocade~ Very famous thousand year old set for healing the body. Especially good for stress and severe illness.
  • Tai Chi Warm-Up~ A simple warm up routine for loosening the muscles and joints.
  • Standard Short Form (24) Tai Chi~ This form was developed in 1956 by China's National Sports Commission. It is the standardized Tai Chi form taught in schools and colleges throughout China.

Length - 108 min.

Streaming: Lifetime Access via Qigongrochester.com - $29.99

Here are some clips of my Rising Lotus Medical Qigong form, one of the many exercises offered on this DVD.


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