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Qigong Meditation Volume I
Four Tones & Enlightenment Meditations

The Four Tones is a chanted meditation that I first came across when studying with Master Hong Liu in California. It uses sound and vibration to carry the listener to a place of balance and peace and feels wonderful. The Enlightenment Meditation, also known as the Upper and Lower Dantian Meditation, is a very special meditation developed and taught to me by Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming. I have never seen any other meditation that builds energy to such high levels as this one. It utilizes specific meridian points and the breath to build energy in the body for longevity and enlightenment.

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Co-produced by Lisa B. O'Shea and Georgann John.
Engineered by Lisa B. O'Shea.
Cover design by Lisa B. O'Shea . All rights reserved © 2009

Length - 65:53 minutes

CD - $15

Sample: Four Tones meditation instruction:

Sample: Four Tones guided meditation:

Sample: Enlightenment (Upper and Lower Dantian) meditation instruction:

Sample: Enlightenment (Upper and Lower Dantian) guided meditation:

Skill Level

Qi Gong Institute of Rochester